One day Emotional Mastery

  • Are you Emotionally Intelligent. EI is more than IQ.How?
  • Emotional intelligence questionnaire to test your IQ
  • Do you know the impact of your Emotions
  • Are you aware of Negative emotions and how it affects your Personal and Professional Life.
  • Do you know how to channelize your Emotions
  • Indepth Understanding of EI Components through NLP Way
  • Are you aware that Negative Emotions attract lot of diseases.
  • How NLP test and Proven results techniques can help you manage your Emotions.
  • What are Power of Words. How can they Impact us Sub consciously.
  • NLP Excellence Installations to bring in depth understanding and awareness of EI.
  • Gain Influence and Mastery over your Emotional Intelligence and achieve Success, peace, Happiness and Abundance in Life.
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