Law of Attraction

[ Two Day Customized Workshop ]

The law of Attraction is a law od universe just like the law of gravity and it is a powerful as any other universal law. In simple words, it means, whaatever you "Think" becomes a reality in your life . We attract experiences and consequences in our life realted to the thoughts in our Mind. Therefore, you can use this law to attract whatever you desire into your life.

This  2day program will train you in the ways to attract what every you want in your life. Attend this workshop and learn to use Law of Attractiontp live a fulfilling and contendedlife.

It Includes

  • Introduction to Law of A ttraction.
  • How thoughts affect & trigger Law of Attraction 68 seconds pure Thought Concept.
  • Emotional Guidance System - How to use your inner guidance system to guide you in everystep of ypur life.
  • Money Blueprint- How to attract money in life.
  • Mind Levels -Deeper understanding of how our minds works and how can we control our thoughts.
  • How to avoid being a victim and take charge of your life.
  • How to develop an attitude of gratitude towards everything/everyone.
  • Learn how to visualize.
  • How to forgive everyone and how it can improve your ife.
  • The power of intention and how to use it for your good.
  • How to create a vision board which attracts everything you want in your life understanding soul Blueprint Foundation&how to change it Special Meditation Excercise to strenthen your Intutition , Visualization & Attraction.


"Journey to receive love from the Universe,starts with loving yourself unconditionally."

-Dr.P.Madhurima Reddy

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