1 Day Workshop on the Art Of Parenting

Parenting is about bringing up anew generation, and the choice whether to make it a joyful process or a daunting task lies with parents themselves.

Todya's children are better informed because of exposure to various modes of communication and information like Internet,Cell phones,playstations, computer games etc.Parenting therefore is no child'splay.It is a gentle and yet a very tough job.

Being a prime minister is a difficult job but nothing's more difficult than being a parent;British Prime Ministers Tony Blair Once said. Parents today face major challenges since schools demand high levels of performance.Parenting therefore is not just about bringing up your child,it is also about inspiring your child , making them passionate individuals and creating in them the winning to become super achievers in life.

Hence our one day workshop focuses on helping parents to give the best to their child and also help strengthen the parent child-relationship. The purpose is to help you create loving and supportive relationships yu really want with your children.

Through this program, parents

  • Learn 21 practical,easy- to-use secrets to effective parenting.
  • Become more aware of how they affect their children and learn to relate to them differently.
  • Change limiting patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that restrict relationships with their children.
  • Learn the importance of both study and life skills.
  • Learn how to respond rather than react to their children.


The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day.

                                                                                     -Rober M.Maciver

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