Train the Trainer

4 Dimensional Approach to Training

To become a Peak Performance Trainer

40hrs Intensive "Train the Trainers" program- A must for all teaching &Training Professionals.

Why do some triners consistently create outstanding result while others struggle to communicate their ideas? Why is it that some trainer's  lessons are understood and remembered and have a lasting impact while others strain even to hold the attention of their audience?

Training is a form of art; ne that requires craft,creativity,mastery of specific skills and intelligence.Like any other professional activity,training requires creative and cultivated ability.

Train the Trainer is an intensive and demanding training program designed for teachers,lectures,professors and professional trainers. The aim is not just enchancing training skills but to bring about a qualitative shift in the wat one thinks, reflects,manages time and creates excellence in classroom.

Benefits to the participants include improved results in achieving learning objectives,improved commitment and motivation, a more positive and engaging classroom atmosphere and a greater inner drive for touching excellence.


Train the trainer covers

  • How to Design a powerful program.
  • How to control the energy in the room.
  • How to engage and enroll.
  • How to use "Accelerated Learning" techniques so your participants learn faster and rememeber more.
  • Unique template format.
  • A proven blueprint to market your seminars and yourself as a speaker/trainer.
  • A step- by - step process for getting started and earning money immediately.
  • This program will change your life- personally , professionally and financially.

"Get paid for what you speak"

"True teachers are those wo use themselves as a bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then , having facilitated their crosssing, joyfully collapse , encouraging them to create their own".

                                                                                                                                                             -Nikos Kazantzakis


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