Soft Skills and Life Skills


Soft skills are personal attributes that they need and enhance an individual's personality and also manage one's self. They are very essential for job performance and career advancement.

Soft skills are often described by using terms associated with personality traits, such as optimism, common sense, responsibility,a sense of humor and EI. Abilities that can be practiced such as empathy teamwork, leadership, communication, Etiquette, negotiation, and the ability to inspire.

In the current era of fast paced world, hard skills or technical expertise can be mastered easily. But soft skills is that they need, one's personality is what helps an individual grow in an organization. In a large organization, where there are several people with the same technical skills vying to move up the career ladder, the one with the best soft skills would emerge as a winner.


It's often said that, "You get hired for skills and fired for lack of soft skills.". So the question is do you have these skills? If your answer is No, don't lose heart because that is what we are here for.


It is't sufficient just to want - you've got to ask yourself what you are going to do to get the things you want

-Franki D Roosevelt





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