Mission to Billions



Process to Purpose

How to Live Your Purpose and Get Rich

Moving up to the higher orbits of one self is a giant leap towards his internal world of excellence. The source of positivity and unseen wealth that rises above bringing tremendous change with in, leading to massive and unmeasurable actions leading a life you desire.

This program addresses the needs of an individual by bringing about a change in outlook towards one’s tasks and most importantly towards self. The end result would be an individual who as better control and ownership on his decisions, attitudes, results and nal out comes.

The course includes :


  •     Awakening of self actualization stage
  •     Understanding and managing change
  •     Framework for continuous improvement
  •     Process to purpose
  •     Leading others to lead themselves
  •     Discovering the essence of excellence
  •     Grow in your personal power
  •     Directed Attitudes through internal calling
  •     Connected thinking to master courage
  •     Mission to leave a legacy

“A Step taken in alignment with your passion is a step that encircles all the riches in the world.”

- Dr. P. Madhurima Reddy


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