Men and Women Magic

Chemistry of Double Click

If all marriages are made in heaven, why is it that for some it is a bed of roses and for others it is not? Is there a design difference between men & women that causes this? In this most wonderful workshop La Winspire provides a practical understanding of what a man seeks in his wife & what a wife seeks in her husband. This workshop will bring in happiness, love and connected understanding in your marriage.

The course includes :


  • In Marriage both need to have an understanding attitude
  • People always love the way they understand love
  • Marriage is a sacred relationship
  • Understanding the spice of marriage
  • The beauty of togetherness
  • The compatibility of values
  • Live to give unconditionally
  • Men & women are differently made
  • Time is a question of attitude
  • What does a woman seek in a marriage
  • What does a man seek in a marriage
  • The power of love & relationship
  • Being a Best friend to each other

“A happy marriage is about three things : memories of togetherness, forgiveness of mistakes and
a promise to never give up on each other.”

- Surabhi Surendra

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