Faculty Development Programme(FDP)

40 hours Leadership Training for Personal Effectiveness

The changing times of the current era demands Faculty to be in tune to the shifts from the conventional teaching strategies and adapt to the major trends of today. They will have to build on their existing knowledge, achievements & accomplishments of the
past and adapt to the evolving roles. Academic vitality is very much dependent on the faculty members and Faculty Development has a very critical role to play in promoting academic excellence and innovation in changing times in tune to the Institutional architecture.

This FDP is designed to broaden the focus, foster collaboration and effectiveness in the classroom with proven teaching techniques to bring out creativity and innovation.

FDP Trains and Develops

  • Institutional architecture.
  • Economics of Authority and Power
  • Passive Teaching vs Active Teaching
  • Team Based Learning, Problem Based Learning
  • Creativity and Innovation in the classroom
  • Directed Attitudes
  • Enhancing Functional Areas
  • Student Engagement
  • Strategies for managing challenging students
  • Time and Stress Management in a classroom

“The Best Teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you where to see.”

- Anonymous

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