Eagle Business Intensive


How to Create Pro table Business Model in Any Business You Choose

With shrinking markets and eroding pro ts, many Corporate’s are struggling to stay a oat. This is a common case across the length and breath of the corporate landscape.
Adding to that, the ever increasing intense competition and the predatory moves to acquire bigger market share is turning out to be an never ending challenge and threat to the survival of many companies.
This powerful programme will enable you, use the proven strategies that withstood the business pressures and competition over a period of time.
You will see a jump start in your bottom line by 30% giving you more levels to play your business game. This programme will give your insights into the extended markets you have ignored, which is untapped potential neither you nor your competition aware.
This programme is for sure will change the way you operate business as this will bring organization wide change increasing productivity to higher levels.
This Course covers

  •     Refabricated view of your business and the supporting eco system
  •     Extended Markets
  •     Stealth Movement into wallets
  •     ICP Codes to your Target Markets
  •     BSB Coding to High Networth Customers
  •     Building multiple revenue streams
  •     Road to Tactical Negotiations
  •     Win-win sales strategies that work in the real world.
  •    Tested and proven ESBI model

“Markets are what we create.”

- Dr. Madhurima Reddy


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