College to Corporate

An intensive Training Employability Skilling program


18 hours to 30 hours

(can be customized as per requirement)

Our College to Corporate Program prepares  college students not just for Interviews and recruitment process but also for a long term success in personal and professional life by instilling a strong sense of confifence and "can-do" attitude in them.

Corporate firms don't look for academic crendentials and technical know -how alone. They look for confidence/quick learning/interpersonal skills/proficiency. they look for adeptness in communication skills, problem solving skills and flexibility to the changing needs of the Corporate.

The program helps the students to shake off their selfdoubts,inhibitions,procrastination and self- defeating thought patterns.

College to Corporate program covers

  • Influence without authority.
  • Corporate Etiquette.
  • Understanding Corporate communication patterns.
  • Reflective time shifting.
  • Powerful Mirroring and Anchoring Techniques.
  • Breaking the blocks of inhibition.
  • Quadrant of Productivity.
  • Proactiveness and its awesome power
  • Self Leadership to Leadership Roles.
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Directed Attitudes

"Tell me and i forget,teach me and I may remember,involve me and I learn".

                                                                              -Benjamin Franklin

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