Individual Personal Counselling

At La Winspire our vision is to empower people to find the courage to Change -  to achieve  their full potential and to realize their dreams. So, apart from our training we also offer Counseling in various formats (individual, group, couple, child and career) to those in need.

We offer a spectrum of services ranging from Psychological Counseling, Psychological Assessment and Career Counseling. Our services are rooted in the scientist –practitioner approach and we constantly seek continuing education to remain current in the field. We follow a combination of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the American Counseling Association’s (ACA) guidelines in practice of Counseling Psychology, adapting both to suit Indian culture and tradition. We firmly believe in the ethical practice of psychology and in maintaining the current highest international standards of the profession.

Our services include

  • Individual / Personal Counselling
  • Marital / Couples Counselling
  • Family Counselling
  • Adolescent Counselling
  • Career counseling
  • Suicidal Counselling
  • Mentoring

“The principle aim of psychotherapy is not to transport one to an impossible state of happiness, but to help (the client) acquire steadfastness and patience in the face of suffering”

- C.G Jung

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